Music festivals banning the selfie stick

As the festival season approaches here in Europe many of the main festivals are yet to announce their stance on the selfie stick. Coachella which is the flagship festical in the US suprinsingly came out and banned the selfie stick at this years festival. This was quickly followed by Lollapalloza festival in Chicago which also banned the selfie sticks.

In many respects this is understandable as many artist don’t want unauthorised recordings of their festivals. Earlier in the year big music venues such as the O2 in London banned the selfie stick in order to prevent recordings of the artists. Although this may discourage good recordings they cannot ban phones and at the end of the day recordings will still be made. also reported that some music festivals in Ireland have made public announcements banning the selfie stick.

Many museums and big tourist spots also banned the selfie stick after than enthousiastic group of tourists carve their names into Roman Colesseum and then photographed it using their selfie sticks. Although selfie sticks can be used for evil so can pretty much everything so we really don’t think this will affect anything at these spots although at music festivals it is understandable. If you are based in Ireland then check out the for Irish delivery of the famous selfie sticks.