What Can Be Done With Android TV Boxes?

Are you sick and tired of paying lavishly for expensive cable? Cable is great and used to be vital for all households. In the past, television was a necessity for obtaining crucial news and weather. Those days have all but met a conclusion. Now, it is possible to access this information in a much easier, quicker and less costly manner thanks to the various Android TV boxes. With one of these boxes, you will be able to perform many tasks, while spending less. Below, you will learn about the overall functionality of these devices.

Accessing Video

The most important function of the television is to allow the user to watch live content from various networks. The Android television box can allow you to do the same. Of course, it takes this function one step further. With these boxes, you can access live television, but you can also watch streaming videos, such as movies and television shows! Suffice to say, you’ll always have something to watch!


Some of these devices are capable of being used, as a home video game console too. This is the case, if the device is compatible with a mouse or keyboard. Once everything has been setup, you will be able to download Android compatible games and enjoy!

DVR Functionality

Although this one depends on the device and its internal storage, the majority of them will allow you to record video! Choosing a device, which has more storage or a micro SD card slot, is helpful! After this, you will be able to record and store videos, which can be played back, at a later time.


Overall, the Android TV box is a wonderful additional to any home! Whether you’re trying to replace your cable or want more functionality, you will definitely want to consider purchasing one of these machines!

Have you heard about the new Android TV Boxes?

Android TV boxes, otherwise referred to as smart TVS, Mini PCs, Android sticks, HDMI stick or HDMI dongle – all serve the same purpose just a little different in hardware design – are the current television in-thing feasible with the world’s most popular operating system – Android. The possibilities of Android TV are varied and virtually endless. These devices allow the user to access videos, HD movies, Android games, surfing the internet and a lot more as there are even options of video calling via Skype as well. Apps and topnotch platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, XBMC, ShowBox and MovieBox allow for seamless streaming of movies in Android TV boxes.
k51Android TV works on the same software as the Android OS and therefore, the apps written for the phone and tablets also work just as well in Android TV. Android TV runs a recommendation engine that surfaces the search results for content based on keywords. The Google Now-style allows the user to search for content by voice-command and is now fast replacing the traditional typed searches. Content will be retrieved not only from Google Play Store, but also from other third party streaming services. All that is required of you is to install the necessary apps and root the Android TV box if need arises for the installation of apps that aren’t compatible before rooting.
Among the best Android TV boxes include the NVidia Shield Android TV. It’s a stunning Android TV box with 4K video support and lots of gaming options though a bit more expensive as it costs $200 with 16GB flash storage or $300 with 500GB HDD. The MiniX Neo X8 has been hailed to be the best Android TV box by virtue of its upgrade up from the previous hit X8. Powered by an Amlogic CPU and an 8-core GPU, the Neo X8 has incredible performance when supporting both 4K Ultra HD video and gaming. It has a wide range of connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI and s/PDIF ports.
Android TV boxes have access to regular TV as well. Devices such as the Nexus Player, for example, have more than a whopping 600 channels to choose from. As mentioned before, the much that you can do with an Android TV box is quite a lot; from web-browsing to gaming, from accessing to YouTube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, XBMC, WhatsApp and a lot more.

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